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Photographing Waterfalls

September 11th, 2017

A rainy day is perfect for waterfall photography. I’m sure that I have said that in past articles and videos. This time I want to actually show you that this is true. So last weekend I had enough of the rainy summer, which prevented me from persuing most of my landscape photography plans for the[…]

Photographing in the Lech Valley

September 4th, 2017

A few weeks ago I visited the Austrian Alps near Imst for one weekend. I had seen some photos from that region and I especially like the peaks around the Hahntennjoch. I commited one day to hiking and scouting and on Sunday morning I planned to photograph sunrise from the Falschkogel mountain. But as so[…]

Maybe you have read my Introduction to Focus Stacking a few years ago. Back then I already wrote about the benefits of focus stacking and how it can be easily applied to Landscape Photography. Yesterday I decided to record a tutorial video where I show both my process in the field and the post processing[…]

In part 1 and part 2 of this article series I talked about the preparation, the equipment and the techinques I use during a seascape shoot. In this installment I’ll focus on a very certain aspect of seascape photography, the capturing of the waves’s motion and energy as they break at the shore. While it’s[…]

Last weekend I did a quick trip into the Alps to go hiking and take some photos along the way. For the first time I also filmed the whole experience and the result is the video I show in this blog entry. The weather was quite unpredictable and while I was driving down into the[…]

Just recently I returned from one week in northern Spain. I was visiting the Costa Quebrada near Santander and some close-by landscapes. During that week, not once did I get a glowing sunrise or sunset to photograph. Years ago this would have frustrated me. But I have since learned how to take spectacular photos even[…]

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