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Blog - 10 post processing mistakes to avoid

I’m now practising landscape photography for more than eight years and am using photoshop for an even longer time. While working on hundreds of photos I made many mistakes along the way, which is quite natural and also the best way to learn and improve.

Below you’ll find a list of 10 of my most common mistakes and in the accompanying videos I further discuss them. There I also show examples and expain how to avoid those mistakes:

  1. Relying on only one exposure
  2. Applying too much pre-sharpening
  3. Not removing chromatic aberration in the beginning
  4. Increasing micro-contrasts and/or clarity during raw processing and doing it globally
  5. Starting the processing too dark
  6. Too much stretching and image transformations
  7. Being careless with hard selections in landscape photos
  8. Too much saturation in the shadows
  9. Reflections that are brighter than the sky or generally too bright foregrounds
  10. Trying to create something, which just wasn’t there

Now if you also want to learn my complete processing workflow and how I achieve high quality results that also look great in print, you should have a look at my Complete Workflow Tutorial.

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