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Advanced Selections in Photoshop

Masks and selections are very important for my post processing workflow in Photoshop. They allow me to apply very targeted adjustments to my photos and help me to produce clean results full of details.

This article contains two tutorial videos where I show you first some of my favourite selections and how to create them. Those are hard selections for the sky, the famous luminosity masks and a more targeted, advanced version of luminosity masks. In the second video I then show you some ways how I use those masks when applying adjustments to a photo.

Blue hour view of the Vatican in Rome

The techniques I present in the two videos are a solid foundation for post processing in Photoshop. Knowing and understanding them will enable you to take your photo editing to the next level, if you haven’t been working with masks a lot till now.

But, even if you have been using masks in Photoshop and already know luminosity masks, there might be some take-aways for you.

In the second video I also show a way on how to create the masks using the TK Actions Panel. I’ve been using this panel for a long time now and it’s very powerful. But just recently I came accross an alternative: the Lumenzia Plugin* by Greg Benz. I instantly liked this plugin and how it integrates seamlessly into my workflow. Especially the way I can preview the selections before applying them is very nice.

So now that you have a good overview about the different masks I use in Photoshop, know how to create and use them, it’s time to check my more in depth Post Processing tutorials. In those I show my complete workflow as well as some more advanced techniques I use in my photo editing.

* This is an Affiliate-Link. If you use it to buy Lumenzia, I’ll get a commission.

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