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Kase Filters Review

July 26th, 2018

Back in January of this year I made the switch from Lee Filters, which I had used for many years, to the Kase Wolverine Filters. Back then I made a first impressions video, in which I explain why I switched to Kase. After I have now used and tested those filters for several months during[…]

When I bought my first Graduated Neutral Density Filters more than seven years ago I had no idea which filters to buy. There are 1-stop (0.3), 2-stop (0.6), 3-stop (0.9) and even 4-stop (1.2) filters. And those are available as hard, soft, medium and reverse versions. Such filters are expensive and, if I had believed[…]

My Vlogging Gear

December 16th, 2017

This year I finally started to vlog besides my photography. I’ve always wanted to show some behind the scenes footage for my photos, kind of taking you along on my photo shoots. But somehow filming always felt too distracting for me. After all when I’m out chasing the light I want to focus on my[…]

Most of the landscape and cityscape photos I take are photographed with a wide angle lens. And, if you ask other landscape photographers about their most used lens, I guess you’ll get a similar answer. But while the photos you can take with such a lens often look spectacular and dynamic, having a portfolio full[…]

Travel Shoes

May 1st, 2017

Lets talk about shoes. When I was planning six months of travelling one important question that came up again and again was, what clothes to bring. Especially the shoe question was quite tough because shoes usually take up lots of space within the luggage. That’s why I normally try to travel with only two pairs[…]

Since I did my first F-Stop Satori review a few years back I have received a couple of questions concerning travelling with it. Does it really fit as carry on luggage on an airplane? Today I recorded a little video where I show how I pack it, so I don’t get trouble when storing it[…]

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