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Seascape Photography Workflow

2. August 2018 | In the Field, Landscape Photography

Seascape Photography can be very dynamic. With waves crashing around me the scene is constantly changing. To make the most of it and also to ensure my camera equipment stays dry I follow a certain workflow, which I want to share with you. Over the years I’ve implemented a routine, which I follow when I[…]

My Vlogging Gear

16. December 2017 | Equipment, In the Field

This year I finally started to vlog besides my photography. I’ve always wanted to show some behind the scenes footage for my photos, kind of taking you along on my photo shoots. But somehow filming always felt too distracting for me. After all when I’m out chasing the light I want to focus on my[…]

Photographing Waterfalls

11. September 2017 | In the Field, Landscape Photography

A rainy day is perfect for waterfall photography. I’m sure that I have said that in past articles and videos. This time I want to actually show you that this is true. So last weekend I had enough of the rainy summer, which prevented me from persuing most of my landscape photography plans for the[…]

Photographing Seascapes – Part 3

28. July 2017 | In the Field, Landscape Photography

In part 1 and part 2 of this article series I talked about the preparation, the equipment and the techinques I use during a seascape shoot. In this installment I’ll focus on a very certain aspect of seascape photography, the capturing of the waves’s motion and energy as they break at the shore. While it’s[…]

Photographing Seascapes – Part 2

12. March 2016 | In the Field, Landscape Photography

The salt in the air, the sound of the waves, the sand beneath my feet. Photographing seascapes is not only about the final photos, it’s about the whole experience. I enjoy those times at the coast, even if sometimes I return empty-handed. Part one of this little series on photographing seascapes was about preparation. Now[…]

Photographing Seascapes – Part 1

6. March 2016 | In the Field, Landscape Photography

During the seven years I’m now photographing landscapes one of my favourite subjects has always been the sea. I love to photograph rocky coastlines, steep cliffs dropping straight into the ocean, waves breaking around huge sea stacks, but also the tranquillity of secluded coastal villages. In this article I want to share with you some[…]

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