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Too much editing?

8. May 2021 | Inspiration, Post Processing

Today I recorded a new Youtube video, in which I show you the before and after for 10 of my photo edits. With this video I want to create some transparency about how much processing I do to my photos. I show you the original RAW files as they come out of the camera vs.[…]

Photography Homepage in 10 Minutes

2. August 2020 | Inspiration, Web Development

The past months I have put in a lot of time improving this homepage. As a by-product I created a fully functional homepage template, which uses Gulp as build system. The homepage template is available for free and takes away a lot of the hassle you normally face, if you do everything from scratch. Things[…]

How to make Money with Photography

10. May 2020 | Inspiration

I get asked about ways to earn money with photography quite regularly. And I think very often, this questions gets asked much too early. If you are just starting out with photography, don’t do it for money. Take photos because you like it, experiment, get better and build your portfolio. Once you have mastered the[…]

Stubai Magic

19. July 2018 | Inspiration, Travel

Today I want to show you a video I recorded during a hike in the Stubai valley. Of all the videos I created till now this might be one of my favorites. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the mountains and when I watch the video now I immediately want to pack my rucksack[…]

My Miracle Morning

8. February 2018 | Inspiration

Today’s article is special. Unlike most of my articles it’s not about traveling, post-processing or some new photo gear. Today I want to talk about productivity and creativity, and how I balance my little photography business with my main job. Because landscape photography is not my main profession. I started with it nine years ago[…]

My Photographic Year

30. December 2017 | Inspiration, Landscape Photography

Another year has passed and I’m looking back at many new places I have visited and photographed, lots of new articles added to this blog, a revived Youtube channel, several magazine publications and online features. Highlights In January and February I was still travelling the world. I spent my last days in New Zealand before[…]

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