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Vikos Gorge Photography Guide

25. September 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

With a depth of up to 1350 meters and many vertical drops along its edge, the Vikos Gorge in northern Greece is one of the deepest canyons in the world. And not only is this area great for hiking, but it's also an awesome place for landscape photography. In this photography guide, I share some[…]

Corfu Photography Guide

11. September 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

Remember my last article about Milos? Milos has a very barren landscape, and the fascinating part about it is all the different rock formations. Corfu is another Greek island farther north, close to the Albanian border. In contrast to Milos and the other Cycladic islands, trees cover most of Corfu. Photographing it was much different,[…]

Milos Photography Guide

21. July 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

In my last photography guide, I focused on the beautiful island of Paros. Today it's time for another island of the Cyclades, Milos. As you'll learn in this article, it's quite different from Paros, which made it a great next stop on my travels through Greece. I only had three days on Milos, and I[…]

Paros Photography Guide

2. July 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

The Cyclades had been on my list of future photo destinations for a long time, and this May, after our two weeks on Crete, it was finally time to explore some of these beautiful islands. Maybe the most popular islands of the Cyclades are Santorini and Mykonos, which we intentionally skipped. They are too crowded[…]

Crete Photography Guide

9. June 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

When we decided to visit Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, this May, I was uncertain, if I would find enough subjects to photograph. The main reason for us to visit were the cheap flights, the affordable rental car and accommodation options, and the weather. My research for landscape photography locations came after that.[…]

Puerto Viejo Photography Guide

8. April 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

After visiting the mountains of Costa Rica and exploring the cloud forest of Monteverde, it was time to return to the coast. We had started our travels through Costa Rica at the Pacific coast of the country and wanted to finish our journey in the east at the Caribbean coast. Based on my research the[…]

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