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Ultimate Monitor Calibration Guide

9. April 2022 | Equipment, Guides and Tutorials

This monitor calibration guide goes in depth on how to achieve a properly calibrated system for photo editing. I take you step by step through the complete process, using a colorimeter and software from Calibrite. Having a properly calibrated monitor has always been high on my priority list when it comes to photo editing. It's[…]

Best Camera Settings for Astrophotography

6. August 2021 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

Since I purchased the Canon R5* a year ago together with the Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 lens*, I became much more confident with night photography. Capturing, for example, the Milky Way over a detailed landscape is no longer a problem. With my previous camera, the Canon 5DSR, it was much harder to capture clean night[…]

How to make Money with Photography

10. May 2020 | Guides and Tutorials

I get asked about ways to earn money with photography quite regularly. And I think very often, this questions gets asked much too early. If you are just starting out with photography, don’t do it for money. Take photos because you like it, experiment, get better and build your portfolio. Once you have mastered the[…]

Seascape Photography Tutorial

2. August 2018 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

Seascape Photography can be very dynamic. With waves crashing on the shore the scene is constantly changing. To make the most of it and also to ensure my camera equipment stays dry I follow a certain workflow, which I want to share with you in this seascape photography tutorial. Workflow Over the years I’ve implemented[…]

My Miracle Morning

8. February 2018 | Guides and Tutorials

Today’s article is special. Unlike most of my articles it’s not about traveling, post-processing or some new photo gear. Today I want to talk about productivity and creativity, and how I balance my little photography business with my main job. Because landscape photography is not my main profession. I started with it nine years ago[…]

Focus Stacking in Landscape Photography Tutorial

13. August 2017 | Guides and Tutorials, Photo Editing

Maybe you have read my Introduction to Focus Stacking a few years ago. Back then I already wrote about the benefits of focus stacking and how it can be easily applied to Landscape Photography. Yesterday I decided to record a tutorial video where I show both my process in the field and the post processing[…]

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