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Seascape Photography Guide – Part 3

28. July 2017 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

In my Seascape Photography Guide part 1 and part 2 I talked about the preparation, the equipment and the techniques I use during a seascape photo shoot. In this installment I’ll focus on a very certain aspect of seascape photography, the capturing of the wave’s motion and energy as they break at the shore. Combining[…]

Seascape Photography Guide – Part 2

12. March 2016 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

The salt in the air, the sound of the waves, the sand beneath my feet. Seascape photography is not only about the final photos, it’s about the whole experience. I enjoy those times at the coast, even if sometimes I return empty-handed. Part one of my seascape photography guide was about preparation. Now I go[…]

Seascape Photography Guide – Part 1

6. March 2016 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

During more than 10 years I’m now photographing landscapes one of my favorite subjects has always been the sea. I love seascape photography: the photography of rocky coastlines, steep cliffs dropping straight into the ocean, waves breaking around huge sea stacks and of secluded coastal villages. In this article I want to share some important[…]

Focus Stacking in Landscape Photography

23. September 2014 | Guides and Tutorials, Landscape Photography

One of the first things I learned in landscape photography was that selecting a smaller aperture results in a larger depth of field. If I wanted to take a photo that contains elements in the near foreground and a detailed landscape in the middle and background, the obvious formula would be to select as small[…]

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