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Equipment – F-Stop Satori Carry-on Luggage

Since I did my first F-Stop Satori review a few years back I have received a couple of questions concerning travelling with it. Does it really fit as carry on luggage on an airplane?

A photographer in front of some mountain landscape in New Zealand

Today I recorded a little video where I show how I pack it, so I don’t get trouble when storing it in the plane. While I never had problems taking it along with me into the plane, on some planes it was hard to store it in one piece.

But that’s where the modular design of the Satori comes in handy. If packed correctly it’s easy to store the ICU separately from the rest of the pack without holding up other passengers.

Mind that the tablet needs to be out when I go through the security check at the airport. So I usually have it in the Laptop compartment of the Satori till then in order to easily access it. After passing the security gate I will store it in the ICU, as I show in the video.

I think this video shows how versatile this pack really is while travelling. Separating the ICU from the Satori makes it really easy to store it and with the ICU under the front seat all the important stuff is within reach.

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