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Equipment – F-Stop Satori

For about two years now I use the F-Stop Satori as my main camera backpack. After I first got it I directly recorded a review video, which I want to reshare in this post. I’ll also try to answer some questions, which I get from time to time concerning this backpack.

One reason I bought the Satori was that I could fit in my complete camera equipment and still have space for some clothing and supplies. But I also bought it for traveling. And since traveling involves flying most of the time it was important for me that the Satori could be taken along as hand luggage.

I have to admit it’s quite big and in some aircrafts I had to do a bit of squeezing to get it under the seat in front of me. But I’ve now had it on some airlines and there was never a problem to get it securely stored.

The Satori is also a very durable backpack. I have taken it on many hikes, many travels, had it laying in dirt, on rugh stone, got it drenched, or was carrying more than 15kg in it. And while it doesn’t look new anymore I can’t see any flaws, which could have come with the heavy use.

A man standing at the edge of a steep cliff looking towards the Corsica Mountains

The only critique I have is about the wearing comfort. It’s very flat against the back and during long hikes it can get very sweaty there because of the missing air circulation. As I’m saying in the video, some backpacks designed exclusively for hiking will beat the Satori here although it’s more comfortable to wear than many other camera backpacks. Especially if you carry a lot of weight.

I can live with it since the other qualities of this pack are more important for me. I also guess this compromise was needed to keep the weight and size in certain boundaries.

The Satori might have it’s price and you should never forget that you also need to buy at least one ICU in addition to the pack. I for myself will immediately buy it again, if I somehow manage to get it broken.

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