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Blog - Exploring the South of Mahe

When you’re staying in such a beautiful place as the Seychelles, it’s important to not focus on photography alone. From time to time head out without the intention of capturing a photo and just enjoy the landscape.

This is what I did on our third day on Mahe. I went on a jungle hike through the south of the island. I started the hike right at our hotel, went along the mile long beach, at which I had taken the photo I shared in the last article, and then followed a narrow trail along the coast.

Although I didn’t capture a photo that day, I filmed some B-roll, trying to record the experience in video instead of a single photo. It’s great, how starting to vlog created a whole new way to creatively express myself. In the past it was always about that one photo, that single moment where all came together. With video I now have much more creative freedom and it’s easier to share the whole experience of a photo shoot or, as in this case, a jungle hike with you.

I also found that recording video doesn’t require so much focus as when I’m taking a single photo, where everything has to fit. So while I was hiking that day and recording, besides some staged shots of me waking through the frame, I had my mind wandering, taking it all in and enjoying the hike.

That doesn’t mean that when I’m out taking photos I don’t enjoy nature. But it’s easier to get lost in the process and I find I often have to remind myself to just let go for a moment, take a step back and forget about the photo, which I’m about to take.

Palm trees and granite rocks line the coast of Mahe

Well, and a day later I actually came back to one of the beaches I found during the hike. This time with the intent of taking a photo. The video about that sunrise shoot will be up next weekend on my Youtube channel and I’ll also share it here on my blog afterwards.