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From Start to Finish Post Processing Tutorial

Please head over to my tutorial site for an overview of all my current tutorials. The tutorial outlined below has been replaced by three new start to finish tutorials. The Bloody Causeway tutorial has been discontinued.

My start to finish tutorial video, which I recorded and edited over the last couple of weeks, is finally ready. It was a lot of work but worth it. The tutorial is intended for the intermediate to advanced Photoshop user and will cover all the steps I undertook to create the photo Bloody Causeway. To follow along you should be familiar with adjustment layers, masks and basic filters in Photoshop. I also use LR 4 for the preprocessing. If you don’t have LR and only use Camera Raw that should be ok. Many of the settings are the exact same in both programs and the most part of the tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop anyway.

Bloody Causeway

Included in the tutorial is also a short discussion about how I captured the photo, which includes use of Filters and also Fokus stacking. So besides post processing techniques you’ll also get an idea how I work in the field.

If you are interested what others think about the tutorial you might want to read Olaf Bathkes thoughts about the tutorial here. Olaf is a very experienced landscape photographer who knows his trade.

You can contact me through the the contact sheet on my homepage in case you have further questions about this or my upcoming tutorials.

Post Processing Start to Finish