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Gopro Hero 7 Settings and Video Editing

After years of using the Gopro Hero 4 Silver to record my Vlogs and travel videos, I finally made an upgrade. For a long time I was contemplating getting a mirrorless camera for vlogging, but eventually decided to stick with Gopro because of the ease of use and robustness of their cameras.

And with the release of the Gopro Hero 7 Black * there was finally an option available, which presented a real upgrade to the Hero 4. I was especially interested in the new HyperSmooth stabilization option.

But it also seemed that Gorpo had finally figured out how to get good audio with the new housing. This was one of the major reasons why the Gopro 5 and 6 were never an option for me. Although I usually record audio with an external microphone, it’s always good to have a usable fail-safe in case something goes wrong with that recording – it has happened a few times in the past.

I’m also thankful that the new Gopro is water-proof even without using a special housing. This means I can now use it on a Gimbal even in bad weather. For this use-case I also bought a new Gimbal. The FeiyuTech G6 * is splash resistant and should also work in rainy conditions.

In the video below I talk a bit more about the pros and cons of the Gorpo and the G6 and I also show you the settings I use to get the best quality video out of the Gopro. Editing Gopro footage in Davinci Resolve is also part of this video.

I hope you liked this video and all the information I shared. Since recording it, I have used the Gopro a bit more and I’m still glad I made the upgrade. My future Vlogs will definitely benefit from it. And if learning Davinci Resolve seems a bit daunting and you don’t need to do things like synchronizing separately recorded audio and video tracks, you can try the online movie maker VEED to create videos.

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