Michael Breitung Photography


Landscape Photography in the Alps

Last weekend I did a quick trip into the Alps to go hiking and take some photos along the way. For the first time I also filmed the whole experience and the result is the video I show in this blog entry.

The weather was quite unpredictable and while I was driving down into the Ammergauer Alps the chance of thunderstorms for the evening increased to 90%. So I really had to make sure to get down from the mountains before that, because the last thing I wanted was to get caught in a serious storm up on one of the peaks.

Hiker at a mountain ridge in the german alps

I still managed to take a few photos and in the video I show some behind the scenes of it. After hiking to the top of the Grosse Klammspitze on the first day I decided to hike up the Heimgarten the next morning after the storm had cleared a bit. It was a great experience and there are few things that feel as invigorating as climbing a mountain.

What I show in the video are the things that I really like about landscape photography. Being out in nature, hiking and putting in the work to get the shot. Photos, which are the result of several hours of hiking, are way more special to me than the ones taken from a parking lot.

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