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Macphun Creative Kit XXL Deal

A few months ago I released my newest tutorial about different Post Processing Recipes. Today I’m glad to announce that this tutorial is part of the latest MacPhun Creative Kit XXL Deal*.

Let me tell you a bit more. Macphun is a company, which creates inventive post processing software for the Mac. An example is their newest HDR software called Aurora HDR. They also provide tools to denoise photos, to create bokeh or to overall improve the look of an image.

Each year, for a limited time, they make a special edition of their creative kit available. Included is all their editing software together with a huge set of tutorials, presets and even more post processing software from other vendors. The value of the bundle* in this year is more than 2000 Euro. And believe it or not, for one month you can purchase it for only 141 Euro**.

So why am I telling you this. For one thing because my newest tutorial is part of the deal. And I’m very pround to be included beside photographers like Ted Gore or the very creative Mikko Lagerstedt. So for the tutorials and videos alone this might be a good deal, even if you are no Mac user. If you are a Mac user you can experience the value of the complete package with all included software.

Product image of video tutorial

So best head over to the Macphun page and check out the content. And if you want more information about my Post Processing Recipes tutorial, head over to the tutorials section of this homepage.

* This is an Affiliate-Link. If you use it to buy the Creative Kit, I’ll get a commission

** If you are from the US, it’s 2000$ reduced to 129$, an even cheaper deal because no extra taxes added