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Blog - Mevagissey

I thought after all those sunsets I’d show you a shot I did during daytime. As I already told you we had plenty of bad weather with clouded monotone skies during our holiday. On our second day we went exploring a bit of Cornwalls middle and visited the Bedruthan Steps and later Mevagissey near St. Autstell where this shot is from.

Rainy day in Mevagissey

Mevagissey is a very nice fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall facing east and thus would be suited for sunrise shots! Unfortunately I didn’t make it there that early during this vacation but at least I took out my camera when we visited on this rainy day and did some experimenting with long exposures. Since the sky was just different shades of gray I thought I’d go for some more minimalistic composition here which I tried to achive first by using my polarizer to let through the reflected light on the water. This gave the water a similar tone as the sky and let the horizon nearly vanish. By using my Hoya NDX400 extreme neutral density filter in front the polarizer I was able to do a 30 second exposure and completely even out the water. All in all the picture gets more simplyfied through this and gets kind of a surreal look.

I didn’t do much postprocessing to it, just the normal contrast and color adjustments and slight sharpening, thats it!


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