Michael Breitung Photography


New Post Processing Tutorial

It’s been a few years since I last recorded a start to finish tutorial showing my complete workflow. After many hours of recording and editing I’m proud to finally present you my second Start2Finish post processing tutorial.

It shows the complete processing for one of my latest photos, which I took during a recent trip to Cornwall. Below you can see the before and after comparison showing the exposure blended image on the left, which has just basic raw adjustments applied to it, and the finished photo on the right, which went through my creative post processing workflow.

Comparison between raw and processed photo

Althoug in this web sized comparison the changes might not look that drastic, a lot of techniques were applied to create a high quality representation of the atmosphere as I perceived it that morning at Pednvounder beach.

In the tutorial I start with a set of 40 photos, which I took of this scene. The wind was pickinig up, the light changed and I had to make sure to get enough pieces for the post processing puzzle. I show you how I select 12 photos for focus stacking and blending and how I bring them together in Photoshop. Afterwards I go through my complete creative workflow.

A separate video is dedicated to multi pass sharpening and to finish up the tutorial I show you how I sharpen for print. To make it a real start to finish tutorial we will assess the actual print in the last video.

In total you get nearly 3 hours of video, if you decide to buy the tutorial. It’s only 25 USD. For more information I have set up a dedicated tutorial page.