Michael Breitung Photography


Photographing Blue Hour on La Digue

I just returned from two weeks of travelling. After six years I went to the beautiful Seychelles again. While exploring new places is one of my farorite things to do during my travels, from time to time it’s great to return to a place I know.

The last time we visited this little paradise in the Indian Ocean, we spent 10 days on La Digue and four on Praslin. I had such great memories of our time on La Digue that I had planned to return for some time already. And this winter was perfect. Just as it got really cold here in Germany, we packed our bags and went back to the tropics.

Again we went to La Digue first, where we spent eight days before heading over to Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles. During the two weeks I recorded several behind the scenes videos, which I now want to share with you in the next few weeks.

A red granite rock at the northern tip of La Digue

In the first video I explore the northern tip of La Digue. There I photograph one of the characteristic granite rocks that make the coast of La Digue so unique. In the video you will learn my approach to photographing seascapes during blue hour and how to make the most out of less than ideal weather conditions.

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