Michael Breitung Photography


Photographing in the Lech Valley

A few weeks ago I visited the Austrian Alps near Imst for one weekend. I had seen some photos from that region and I especially like the peaks around the Hahntennjoch. I commited one day to hiking and scouting and on Sunday morning I planned to photograph sunrise from the Falschkogel mountain.

But as so often the weather didn’t cooperate and I had to abandon my plans after I had already gotten up at 3:30 and hiked to the Steinj√∂chl. I recorded the experience in a little Vlog. While I didn’t get the photo I wanted another, unexpected photo opportunity presented itself.

As you can see it’s not always easy to get shot. More often than not I get up early, put in the work, wait in patience and then can’t take the envisioned photo. The occasions where all works out are rare but without trying again and again I’m sure I would miss those too.

So for me those days with bad weather or without magic light are an important part of the game. You just appreciate those special moments where everything falls into place much more, if you have experienced defeat a few times.

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