Michael Breitung Photography


Photographing Waterfalls

A rainy day is perfect for waterfall photography. I’m sure that I have said that in past articles and videos. This time I want to actually show you that this is true.

So last weekend I had enough of the rainy summer, which prevented me from persuing most of my landscape photography plans for the german Alps. With thunderstorm warnings and rain on nearly every weekend the conditions were just not right for the photos I had in mind.

A little stream in the bavarian forest

Eventually I changed my plans and headed to the Bavarian Forest intead. The Riesloch waterfall near Bodenmais sounded like a good place to explore in those conditions. So I packed my camera gear and my waders and headed out.

I hope this Vlog inspires you to do the same the next time the weather crosses your plans. It might be frustrating at first, but use the rainy conditions to your advantage and you can come away with some beautiful, moody photos.