Michael Breitung Photography


Photography Homepage in 10 Minutes

The past months I have put in a lot of time improving this homepage. As a by-product I created a fully functional homepage template, which uses Gulp as build system. The homepage template is available for free and takes away a lot of the hassle you normally face, if you do everything from scratch.

Things like creating a fast loading gallery to show your portfolio, having a proper structure, which looks great on both mobile devices and PC / Mac, schema.org markup and much more are already dealt with when you first build the homepage.

What you as a user of the template can focus on is providing content and customizing the look of the page using some CSS. To make this process more transparent I have created a video tutorial where I describe how to get started, what tools to install and how to get a first version of your homepage running in about 10 minutes.

The tools mentioned in the video are:

They are all free and easy to use, as I show in the video.

Since this tutorial provides just an introduction, I’d be interested to hear from you on what topics I should focus next. Just contact me or leave a comment directly under the Youtube video.

And if you are interested in how this template works and want to make changes that go beyond what HTML and CSS allow you to do, you can head over to my other Youtube channel, where I show in detail, how I created the template and you will learn how you can customize it even further.

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