Michael Breitung Photography


Post Processing Bundle

Today I released my fourth photo post processing tutorial and I also made all my tutorials, including the newest, available as bundle. This bundle contains more than 6 hours of video tuition for just 55$.

In the videos you’ll learn all about my post processing workflow, my exposure blending and some special techniques I use to give my photos a more dreamy look or to enhance certain features of a photo.

four unique landscape photos

The good thing about the techniques I show is that they can be flexibly used and applied to different kinds of landscape and cityscape photos. There’s no fixed way on how to apply them. Every photo is different and thus also might need a different set of post processing techniques.

The tutorials show my repertoire of those techniques in a very detailed and practical way. I always try to explain why I use certain photoshop features, so after watching those tutorials you should have no problems to apply the techniques to your own photos.

For more information, best head over to my tutorial site where all individual tutorials are listed and described in detail.