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Linktime – Tony Kuypers Luminosity Masks

Since I currently don’t find the time for long blog posts and tutorials myself I at least want to share with you a recently discovered set of tutorials by Tony Kuyper. If you are interested in bringing your image processing techniques to the next level luminance masks and saturation masks might be just the right thing for you to use.
Yes I know for some of you at least luminance masks are no new stuff and I was also aware of luminance masks and was using the basic ones. But Tony goes a little beyond in his techniques and not only describes the how but also the why. He has many examples on his homepage showing the different effects, but see for yourselfes.
The tutorials about luminance masks are for free and a great start. After reading them you will surely be very curious about the saturation masks. He has some excerpts from his ebooks there with some examples. I you want to get the whole set of tutorials and also the accompanying photoshop actions, you need to donate some money and he’ll email you all the material. Decide for yourselfes, but for me it was an easy decision 😉
So here’s a link to my first try with luminance and saturation masks

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PS: for my visitors from the UK. If you have the 100th issue of the “Digital Photographer” you might find a little article where I was featured … YEA !


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