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Today I want to show you a video I recorded during a hike in the Stubai valley. Of all the videos I created till now this might be one of my favorites. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the mountains and when I watch the video now I immediately want to pack my rucksack and head out again.

And I hope you get a similar feeling when watching the video.

After the hike of the day and the photo shoot at sunset I spent the night up in the mountains at 2500m elevation in a tent. The freezing temperatures didn’t allow for much sleep. But the absolute tranquillity I experienced up there surrounded by the the peaks of the Stubai Mountains helped me forget about the cold.

And this view right in front of my tent also helped a bit.

A tranquil pond in the mountains with the Rinnenspitze reflected in it

I hope you enjoyed the video and feel inspired to head out into nature. But always remember: Take only photos, leave only footprints. Especially if you plan to camp like I did, make sure to leave the place as you found it.

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