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Blog - Time Lapse Video Editing

I was always fascinated by time lapse videos and for quite a while I wanted to include more of them in my vlogs. During my recent travels through Vietnam I finally focused a bit more on this task.

Over the past weeks I also learned a lot about processing time lapse videos. I’m using the free software Davinci Resolve, which provides a very easy workflow for time lapse editing. A few weeks ago I created a video tutorial where I share my workflow. Even if you haven’t worked with Davinci Resolve before, you’ll be able to follow along.

With the obstacle of finding a workflow for creating time lapse videos out of the way, I soon ran into new problems.

When taking many photos over an extended period of time I usually try to keep the camera settings fixed – I manually set ISO, aperture and shutter speed. This helps to keep the brightness in the image sequence roughly constant, if I shoot during day.

When I want to record a time lapse during sunrise or sunset that’s a different story and I have to use aperture priority and hope for the best.

But even with all settings fixed I recently got flickering in one of my time lapses. With some experimenting I found an easy fix though, which I share in the video below.

As you learned in the videos, time lapse video editing is quite simple and you don’t even have to buy expensive software and can use tools like Davinci Resolve.

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