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Tool for blending multiple Exposures – DRI

Just a short sneak post about a nice tool which you can use to blend multiple exposures in a way which gives much more realistic results than the typical HDR-Tonemapping. The tool I’m talking about is called Enfuse which is an open source project. Enfuse GUI is a free program which uses Enfuse and provides the settings through a graphical user interface.

It’s quite easy to use. Just drag and drop your Images (e.g. tiff or jpeg) into the gui and adjust the Mu and Sigma values. Those are the essential parameters. Mu changes the overall brightness and Sigma changes the contrast. A high Sigma e.g. flattens the image. The others you can leave alone! When I find the time I will post a tutorial here which shows how you can use Lightroom and Enfuse GUI in your Workflow to create nice DRI Images. Till then I suggest to play around with the tool. You have the possibility to create small previews and compare them in a separate window. You’ll find a preview button for this. I think soon you will come to like the results!


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