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Tutorials - Post Processing Recipes

In my fourth major video tutorial I show a set of techniques, which you can use to bring your photos to the next level. Those recipes show creative ways to improve the look of an image.

My post processing recipes were used in those images

Tutorial Content

The tutorial consists of seven videos. The first technique I show is Enhancing the Sun. It's about ways to improve the look of the blend and thus the appearance of the sun in the final photo. I'm also dealing with sunstars in this video.

The second video shows a way to get Streaking Clouds in a photo or to give the clouds some more movement, if the original exposure time was too short. On the same cityscape image used in the streaking clouds video I'll also show my technique to enhance City Lights.

In Diffusion Technique I show a mix of post processing and in the field technique, which I sometimes use to give photos a more dreamy look. The next two videos are about my Advanced Warping and Advanced Perspective techniques.

The tutorial is wrapped up by a very detailed video, in which I describe my techniques to create a Twilight with Stars scene.

A Screenshot of my Photoshop Workspace, showing a stage in my twilight with stars workflow.

Those techniques here are just one part of my post processing and I will not use them all on any photo. But I currently apply at least one or two of the recipes to all of my photos, it just depends on the content of the photo, which recipes I'll use.


This tutorial is for the advanced photoshop user. I assume that you are already familiar with luminosity masks and their creation. If not, I recommend watching my free tutorials first. I'll also be also using Tony Kuypers Actions Panel a couple of times for loading luminosity masks.

I use Adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6 in the tutorial. Photoshop CS5 or later is generally sufficient to apply the techniques I use here.

Buying the Tutorial

The complete tutorial is around 90 minutes long and can be purchased for 25 USD. This is a link to an automatic delivery system I've set up to make the purchase more comfortable for you. After you pay, you'll get a temporary download link to the tutorial.

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You can contact me through the contact sheet on my homepage, if anything goes wrong with payment or download. If you don't have Paypal, that's also no problem. The shop supports credit cards. If nothing works for you, just contact me and we'll find another way.