A beautiful sunset at a sunflower field in Franconia.


A lonely tree on the edge of the Grand Canyon during a stormy sunrise.

Yaki Point

Morning light warms the fog over the land

Layers of Light

Landscape photo of the Trotternish ridge on the Isle of Skye.

Quiraing View

A warm and sunny morning in the German Alps, with the Karwendel reflected in a calm lake.

Karwendel Reflections

Magical Sunrise as seen from the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye.


One of the most beautiful beaches in europe - Praia da Adraga.

Stormy Adraga

The grand view from Mohave Point just before sunset.

Grand Canyon

A spectacular sunset on the Isle of Skye, photographed in Elgol.

Elgol's Fire

A blood red sky reflects on the hexagonal rocks of Giants Causeway at sunset, while the surf hits the shore.

Causeway Dream