Composite of travel photos, taken all around the world.

Travel (multiple galleries)

Here are some galleries where my photos are grouped after travels or places. You'll find galleries for the UK, Ireland, USA, Seychelles and much more here.

Warm Sunrise at a lagoon with a high mountain rising in the distance


It's very hard to capture the essence of a landscape scene and bring it to life in a photo, so that when looking at it you feel like being there. This is always the goal I have in mind when shooting landscape. You'll find images of great landscapes all around the globe in this gallery.

Beautiful sunset at one of the worlds most famous beaches.


Capturing Seascapes is one of my favourites in photography and so has earned it's right for an own gallery. It's fascinating how the use of different exposures create such different scenes. Moreover the sound of water has such a calming effect that I just like to be close to the sea or a rushing stream.

The City of Prague during early morning twilight


We have some beautiful cities here in Germany. A selection can be found in this gallery with some photos of cities I took during my travels.

A bouquet of yellow flowers in a blue vase


A selection of product photos and experimental photography can be found in this gallery.