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Galleries - South America

Person standing on the endless salt flats of Salar de Uyuni during sunset


Bolivia is a country full of spectacular landscapes. When I travelled south from La Paz I entered an area of huge salt flats, deserts and volcanos. While I was there I sometimes felt as if I was on another planet.

Dramatic sunrise light at the pacific coast of Colombia


Colombia with its wild nature instantly captured my heart. The pacific coast, the hills near Santa Marta and the beaches around Tayrona National Park provided me with endless photo opportunities and despite the challenging weather I came away with some beautiful photos.

The landscape of Valle de Marte with the Andean Mountians in the distance during sunrise


In the north of Chile lies the Atacama desert, which I visited during a trip through South America back in 2016. It's an area that is home to some very unique landscapes, which have names like Moon or Mars valley.

A land Iguana on a dark rock on South Plaza island in the Galapagos Archipel


Ecuador is a wonderfully diverse country. Within its comparably small area you find 6000 meters high mountains, volcanos, jungle, waterfalls and the coast is full of interesting wildlife. Especially the Galapagos Islands are a paradise for nature lovers.

The high dunes around the town of Huacachina during a beautiful sunrise


Peru is mostly known for the sacred valley of the Incas with Machu Picchu at its heart. This area near Cusco is beautiful, full of history and surrounded by spectacular mountains. Besides that I also visited parts of the coast and the little desert around Huacachina.