The sun peeks around a rock at Bandon Beach in Oregon.

Bandon Sunset

During a photo trip to London I took this spectacular shot of Westminster Bridge during a storm.

Westminster Storm

Magical view from the little Winterberg in Saxony Switzerland during sunrise.


Spectacular sunset at the Gibson Steps in southern Australia.

Gibson Steps - Australia

Sunset photography of Mount Ruhapehu and Tama Lakes in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.


A beautiful tropical beach lined by huge rocks and palm trees on La Digue.

Anse Source d Argent

A unique view of Auckland during blue hour.

Auckland Blues

Sunrise in the german alps with view towards the Sonnenspitze and Zugspitze.

Alpine Paradise

Photo of the trotternish ridge on the Isle of Skye in Scotland during sunrise.


Landscape photo of a field of sunflowers during sunset.


Welcome to my Landscape Photography homepage

I'm a freelance landscape photographer from Germany, who loves to travel. My travels have taken me all across the world and I had the chance to visit and photograph many wonderful places. It's always something special to arrive in a new country and to start to explore.

On this homepage I want to share some of the moments I experienced during those travel with you. I hope the photos I present transport some of the joy and excitement I felt while taking them.