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Photo Editing Example Image

Photo Editing

Here you find articles covering various photo editing topics, including, among others, exposure blending and time blending.

View of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline during Night

Photography Location Guides

I travel a lot for my photography. To get the most out of those travels, I do extensive preparation before and scouting during my photo trips. In the articles you find in this category, I share the location knowledge I collected.

A hiker looking down toward the Plansee lake in Austria.

Photography Tutorials

Here you find my articles about landscape, architecture, and travel photography. I share the knowledge I gathered over more than 10 years of practicing photography.

A hiker in the Austrian Alps looking toward the Drachensee


Over the years, I used different equipment for my photography, my YouTube videos, and also in my office. Whenever some gear works for me, I like to do a review and share my experience with you. You find those articles in this category.

View of the beautiful coast of Manzanillo in Costa Rica

Travel Tips

During my travels, I also learn about the different countries, about how to get around, and where to stay. Sometimes, I put this information into an article which I share here.