I don’t take panorama photos very often. But when I do so I want to make sure that I get a high quality result and that during post processing I have full control over the stitching and blending of the photos. During my travels around the world I visited Phillip Island in the south-east of[…]

Another year has passed and I’m looking back at many new places I have visited and photographed, lots of new articles added to this blog, a revived Youtube channel, several magazine publications and online features. Highlights In January and February I was still travelling the world. I spent my last days in New Zealand before[…]

I have already talked about scouting in my first article about seascape photography last year. Amongst the different parts that happen before a photo shoot, scouting is the most important for me. And there are different reasons for it, about which I talk in the video below. But I don’t only talk, I also show[…]

My Vlogging Gear

December 16, 2017 | Equipment, In the Field

This year I finally started to vlog besides my photography. I’ve always wanted to show some behind the scenes footage for my photos, kind of taking you along on my photo shoots. But somehow filming always felt too distracting for me. After all when I’m out chasing the light I want to focus on my[…]

Most of the landscape and cityscape photos I take are photographed with a wide angle lens. And, if you ask other landscape photographers about their most used lens, I guess you’ll get a similar answer. But while the photos you can take with such a lens often look spectacular and dynamic, having a portfolio full[…]

As I’m writing this it’s been nearly a year since we’ve been to Australia. A year since we drove from the Blue Mountains down to Mount Buffalo National Park. Mount Buffalo National Park It was the longest drive yet, more than 9 hours with our campervan. And when we arrived down in the south it[…]

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