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Bali Waterfall Photography – Sekumpul Guide

2. April 2023 | Landscape Photography, Travel

Sekumpul waterfall is a natural wonder located in the north of Bali. It's a photographer's paradise surrounded by lush vegetation, offering endless opportunities for landscape photography. In this Sekumpul photography guide, we explore this incredible waterfall, how to get there, and how to photograph it. If you follow my articles, you know I love to[…]

Java Indonesia Landscape Photography Guide

12. February 2023 | Landscape Photography, Travel

In this article about landscape photography in Java, Indonesia, I show you some of my favorite photo locations in the eastern part of the island. Featured are spectacular waterfalls, temples, and the volcanoes for which Java is known. Java is the largest island in Indonesia and also home to its capital, Jakarta. It's located between[…]

Sawarna Indonesia Landscape Photography

16. January 2023 | Landscape Photography, Travel

Indonesia is a fantastic destination for landscape photography featuring many photogenic places. In this guide, I share one of those with you: Sawarna. Located in the southwest of Java island, it offers countless opportunities to photograph spectacular coastal landscapes. Sawarna is a coastal village located in the Banten province of Indonesia. It is known for[…]

Tioman Island Photography Guide

25. December 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

In this landscape photography guide, I show you a place in Malaysia that is great for seascape photography: Tioman Island. I share how to get there, where to stay, and my favorite photo spot on the island. Tioman Island is a small tropical paradise located off the east coast of Malaysia. It is known for[…]

Kuala Lumpur Photography Guide

7. November 2022 | Cityscape Photography, Travel

Back in September, I traveled through Malaysia for a total of 30 days. During that time, I had three stays in Kuala Lumpur which I used to photograph its spectacular skyline. In this photography guide, I share the best photo spots I found with tips on how to get to and around Kuala Lumpur. How[…]

Vikos Gorge Photography Guide

25. September 2022 | Landscape Photography, Travel

With a depth of up to 1350 meters and many vertical drops along its edge, the Vikos Gorge in northern Greece is one of the deepest canyons in the world. And not only is this area great for hiking, but it's also an awesome place for landscape photography. In this photography guide, I share some[…]

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