Michael Breitung Photography


HDR in Lightroom

I have been in Frankfurt recently. It was just for one night and I didn’t have much time for photography. But in the morning I went out to capture the Skyline at sunrise.

Frankfurt Skyline with train station during sunrise

I found a good vantage point near the train station and everything aligned perfectly with the rising sun. To cope with the dynamic range of the scene I used bracketing of three exposures and in post processing I blended the photos together using the HDR feature in Adobe Lightroom.

I have recorded a short video tutorial about my setup during the shoot and about the HDR post processing in Lightroom.

As you can see in the video, for certain situations Lightroom HDR does a very good job. And for the other use cases, there are the exposure blending techniques, which I show in my Exposure Blending in Photoshop tutorial.