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Post Processing Mega Bundle

89$ instead of 185$

The mega bundle contains all my Photo Editing Tutorials: Complete Workflow for Processing Architecture Photos, Complete Workflow for processing Landscape Photos,Complete Workflow for Processing Panorama Photos, Complete Workflow for Processing Night Photos, Complete Workflow for Processing Star Trail Photos, Dreamy Photo Editing, Moody Photo Editing and Post Processing Recipes. Purchasing the bundle you get more than 10 hours of video tuition and you save more than 90$ compared to purchasing the tutorials separately. For details about what's contained in the bundle please go to the corresponding detail pages of the tutorials.

Architecture Photo Editing, How to Edit Cityscape Photos, Cityscape Photo Editing

Complete Workflow for Processing Architecture Photos

Capturing mood and atmosphere in an architecture or cityscape photo requires both the right in the field workflow and the right photo editing. In this tutorial I show you my complete workflow for editing one of my favorite cityscape photos from Venice. In the tutorial I also talk about the in the field process and about the compositional considerations that went into capturing the photo.

Milkyway, Night Photo, Night Photo Editing, How to Edit Night Photos

Complete Workflow for Processing Night Photos

Creating a landscape photo with the Milky Way in the frame has been on my bucket list for a long time. In Morocco I finally had the perfect conditions. The photo editing was at least equally, if not more important, than the shooting and in this post processing tutorial I show you the complete workflow with all the tricks I used to get a crisp night photo full of atmosphere.

Star Trails, Star Trail Photo, Star Trail Photo Editing, How To Edit Star Trail Photos

Complete Workflow for Processing Star Trail Photos

During my second visit to Morocco I camped near some beautiful jagged mountains in the desert. As usual the sky was dark and clear during the night, so I decided to capture the passing of time with a Star Trail photo. Taking and editing the photo required many techniques, which I show and explain in this 100 minute Tutorial.

Panorama Photo Editing, Panorama Editing Tutorial, How to create Panoramas

Complete Workflow for Processing Panorama Photos

In this tutorial I show my complete workflow for creating panoramic photos using Lightroom, Hugin and Photoshop. From explaining the in the field workflow for taking the photos over the raw processing, the stitching and the blending, my creative workflow to the final print sharpening I show every photo editing step. You will learn some very unique techniques, which will enable you to create high quality panoramas.

Landscape Photo Editing, How to Edit Landscape Photos, Landscape Photo Editing Tutorial

Complete Workflow for Processing Landscape Photos

In this video tutorial I show my complete workflow for creating the photo Coastal Garden in Lightroom and Photoshop. From importing and selecting the raw photos to the final print sharpening I show every photo editing step. Many of the techniques I show in the special tutorials below are also used here.

Dark Photo Editing, Moody Photo Editing, Photo Editing Tutorial

Moody Photo Editing

In this tutorial I show my techniques for adding mood and atmosphere to a photo. I go a little beyond the standard post processing and I show you how to add realistic fog to a scene. So, if you like to get really creative from time to time with your photo editing, this tutorial might be just right for you.

Dreamy Photo Editing, Dreamy Photo Editing Tutorial

Dreamy Photo Editing

Over the last few years I developed a few photo editing techniques that I use to get a more painterly, dreamy look for some of my photos. In this video tutorial I describe those post processing techniques and how I prefer to use them.

Post Processing Recipes, Post Processing Tutorial

Post Processing Recipes

In this tutorial I describe seven recipes I use to achieve certain effects in my photos. Those editing techniques are a way to further enhance the look of landscape and cityscape photos.

Photo Editing Basics, how to edit photos

Photo Editing Basics

Here I present a set of introductional videos, which will give you a good foundation to follow along in the other tutorials displayed on this site. I show the Photoshop shortcuts I use, how to create different kinds of masks and selections as well as how to use those. I also provide links to different plugins I use in my post processing workflow.

Print Preparation Tutorial, Print Sharpening, Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Print Preparation

An in depth look at how I prepare my photos for print. I show everything from final cleanup over soft proofing, print sharpening to hard proofing.