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Complete Workflow for processing Landscape Photos

In my brand new video tutorial I show my complete workflow for creating the photo Coastal Garden in Lightroom and Photoshop. From importing and selecting the raw photos to the final print sharpening I show every photo editing step. Many of the techniques I show in the special tutorials below are also used here.

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Post Processing Basics (free)

Here I present a set of introductional videos, which will give you a good foundation to follow along in the other tutorials displayed on this site. I show the Photoshop shortcuts I use, how to create different kinds of masks and selections as well as how to use those. I also provide links to different plugins I use in my post processing workflow.

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Dreamy Photo Techniques

Over the last few years I developed a few photo editing techniques that I use to get a more painterly, dreamy look for some of my photos. In this video tutorial I describe those post processing techniques and how I prefer to use them.

New Zealand, Cathedral Cove, Coast, Beach, sunny

Exposure Blending in Photoshop

To achieve high quality results for my cityscape and landscape photos I usually take many photos while on location. I do bracketing and adjust focus and ISO a lot. During post processing I blend all the pieces together to get a solid basis for my further post processing workflow. I show and describe all the techniques I use for exposure blending in this tutorial.

New Zealand, Wharariki, Coast, Beach, Sunset

Post Processing Recipes

In this tutorial I describe seven recipes I use to achieve certain effects in my photos. Those editing techniques are a way to further enhance the look of landscape and cityscape photos.

Northern Ireland, Antrim, Giants Causeway

Start2Finish Tutorial - Bloody Causeway

This video tutorial, where I show you my complete workflow for the post processing of the photo Bloody Causeway, is a good introduction to working with Luminosity Masks. If you want to take your post processing to the next level the use of those masks is key. All my other tutorials make heavy use of them and after watching this tutorial you'll have no problems to follow along.

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Complete Post Processing Bundle

The bundle contains all the above tutorials. Purchasing the bundel you get more than 9 hours of video tuition and you save 30 $ compared to purchasing the tutorials separately. For details about what's contained in the bundel please just go to the corresponding detail pages of the tutorials listed above. There you'll get a detailed overview.