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Photography Services of Landscape Photographer Michael Breitung

Information about the photography services that Michael Breitung provides, about workshops and about licensing of images

Photography Services

Below you find a list of services I can provide as a landscape and travel photographer.

Travel Collaborations

If you are a hotel, travel agency or tour provider and interested in a collaboration, head over to my travel collaborations page to find details about the services I can provide.

Collaborations with Brands

If you are a photography or travel equipment brand or reseller and looking for ways to extend your reach or get feedback for a new product, I'm always interested in testing new equipment and reviewing it on my Youtube channel. You can find more details here.

Landscape Photography Workshops

I currently offer a 8 night (9 day) Photo Tour together with Wild Morocco and there's also the possibility to book me for 1-1 private workshops. You find more information here.

Post Processing Session via Skype

If you feel stuck with your post processing, then a one on one Skype session with me could be the right thing. You can contact me for more details and to make an appointment. A Skype session is 50$ per hour and can be customized to your needs.

You can also check my tutorials, in which I share my photo editing techniques in all detail.

Image Licensing

My photos can be licensed. I have a selection of photos available exclusively through Gallery Stock and another exclusive selection available through Huber Images.

Besides the photos I have there and the photos shown on this homepage I have a huge, growing archive of landscape and travel photography. In case you're looking for a specific image and don't find it in the agencies or on my homepage please contact me and I will browse my archives.