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Back in January of this year I made the switch from Lee Filters, which I had used for many years, to the Kase Wolverine Filters. Back then I made a first impressions video, in which I explain why I switched to Kase. After I have now used and tested those filters for several months during various photo trips, it’s time for a full review.

First I will quickly sum up the key points here. But, if you want the detailed review, take a few minutes and watch the video below.

  • Colour Cast – I didn’t notice any color cast, even when I applied some heavier post processing to some of the photos
  • Lens Flares – The filters have a very good coating and they did not contribute any additional lens flares or worsen existing lens flares when I was photographing into the sun
Sunset Panorama of Heidelberg
  • Coating – The coating is maybe my favorite feature. When I got water on the lens it was often enough to just blow the drops off
  • Weight – The thick Wolverine filters are quite heavy (75g) and this can add up. An alternative is to use the brand new thin filters by Kase
  • Filter Kit – The new K8 Filter Kit comes with a magnetic Polarizer, which makes its usage very easy and fast

I hope you found this video helpful. And if you have additional questions, you can just leave a comment under the video over at Youtube.

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