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Blog - Photographing Sardinia

Back in September we rented a campervan and drove south through Italy towards the island Sardinia. Two days and an eight hour ferry ride later we arrived in Olbia to start our adventure.

Our plan was to circle the island in 11 days, starting at Porto Taverna, then continuing along the mountainous east coast down towards Villasimius, before driving up the west coast to Cappo Caccia and then back to Olbia.

Despite the long drive down to Sardinia, visiting the island in September was totally worth it. It was already the start of off-season so many of the places we visited weren’t too crowded anymore. Surely the more popular spots still drew many visitors. But we also found some beautiful landscapes that we had nearly for ourselves.

Red rocks on the east coast of Sardinia

In terms of photography the trip was a bit challenging though. And the reason were the weather conditions. Either blue skies or rain didn’t provide the best conditions to capture the photos I had envisioned. But that’s typical for travel photography and I was already expecting it. If during such travels I just get a few portfolio worthy photos I’m happy, even if it’s just one or two.

As usual I also recorded a behind the scenes video, in which I show you more of the beautiful coasts Sardinia has to offer. Enjoy!

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