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The view towards the Sonnenspitze and Zugspitze mountains in the Alps


A large part of Austria is made up of the Alps. The mountians, the valleys, the waterfalls and rivers, all make this area a great place for nature lovers and landscape photographers.

Prague, the golden city under a red sky

Czech Republic - Prague

In the last years I've been to Prague three times. For me it is one of the most beautiful cities I've been so far. The architecture, the little streets, the restaurants, Charles Bridge, the castle are only a few reasons to visit Prague.

The picturesque fishing town St. Ives on a sunny day.

England - Cornwall

Steep cliffs lined by coastal flowers, wide sandy beaches, secluded coastal villages and colorful gardens - all this can be found in Cornwall. No matter the season, Conrwall is always worth a visit.

The view of St. Paul's Cathedral from Millennium Bridge during blue hour

England - London

In summer I spent three wonderful days in London, one of my favourite Cities. I love the architecture, the mix of old and new. But there are far too many photogenic places to visit in this short time. That's why I set my focus to Westminster, Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.

France, Provence, Lavender, field, valensole


I visited France two times now and I can already tell that those weren't my last visits. I went to the Provence region, to the Auvergne mountains, explored the Cote d'Azure and the rocky shores of Brittany. The landscapes in France are wonderful and diverse and the little villages pictoresque and dreamy.

Spectacular mountains rising straight out of the sea and a small tower on a rocky outcrop facing the sunset.

France - Corsica

October in Corsica was wonderful. The weather was as good as one could wish for. The landscape on this island is fantastic: next to spectacular coasts there are 8000 feet high mountains only a few miles away.

A field of sunflowers in franconia in full bloom


Here I show you some photos from the country where I live. It might not be as spectacular as some other places I have visited. But you can also find some very beautiful landscapes and picturesque cities in Germany.

The beautiful Walchensee in the german Alps under a glowing sky

Germany - Alps

I usually visit the german Alps several times a year to go hiking. During those hikes I always bring my camera, hoping for some special light to capture these beautiful mountain ranges. In this gallery you find a selection of my best photos from those hikes.

An old beech forest in the German Rhön in magical light

Germany - Rhön

This gallery contains photos from the area in which I grew up - the German Rhön. Winding hills, magical forests and cold winters are characteristic for this landscape in the center of Germany.

A beautiful stretch of rocky coastline in the east of Sardinia


When I was a child I visited Italy nearly every year with my parents. But since I started photography this hasn't happened too often. I plan to change this in the future because it's such a beautiful country. In this gallery you find the best photos from my recent explorations.

The Forum Romanum during a wonderful sunrise

Italy - Rome

Rome is a wonderful city. The atmosphere when walking through the streets, the historic architecture, the spectacular buildings and not to forget the italian cuisine make it my favourit city.

A dramatic sunset reflects on the hexagonal rocks of Giants Causeway in Antrim.

Northern Ireland and Donegal

Northern Ireland and Donegal in my opinion is that part of Ireland with the most spectacular coast line. Giants Causeway and Slieve League, to name just a few, are awe inspiring. Despite the unpredictable weather this area is great for traveling.

Portugal, Praia da Marinha, sea, coast, beach, sun, warm


More than four years lie between my two visits to Portugal. 2011 I visited the Sintra area near Lisbon and four years later I went back there for one week and then explored the Algarve in the south for another week. Both areas are beautiful and always worth a visit.

Scenic view along the Trotternish ridge during sunrise


In May I visited the scottish highlands for 16 days. This country is awesome. The landscapes are spectacular and the display of light can be breathtaking, if the weather permits. I visited many of the iconic landscapes in the highlands and stayed a whole week on the Isle of Skye.

The jagged coastline at Playa de la Arnia with Santander glowing in the distance


The coastline of northern Spain is spectacular. I didn't yet have the chance to visit Asturias, but the Costa Quebrada alone was already worth spending one week photographing. With Mallorca it was similar. Ten days I explored this beautiful island and brought back many photos.