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You are a hotel, travel agency or tour provider looking for ways to reach new people and you want to showcase your hotel or a tour you are offering in the best way possible? Then read on to learn how working with me could be beneficial for your business.

For many years I've taken photos all around the world to build my high quality portfolio. I sell and license those photos through agencies and offer prints through various online shops. Besides that I'm always looking for ways to collaborate during my travels.

Landscape and Travel Photography

As a landscape photographer I'm an expert in capturing the beauty of the places I visit. Those photos I then share with my growing audience of travellers, photographers and people who are looking for inspiration to plan their next holiday. The question I get the most is where those photos where taken.

In a collaboration I can provide you with such photos to use in your own social media, on your homepage or in brochures. By also sharing them through my own channels this will create additional traffic for you and bring new people to your site.

The beautiful Anse Patates in front of the Patatran Village during a sunny day

Anse Patates

A beautiful tropical beach lined by huge rocks and palm trees on La Digue.

Anse Source d Argent

The Tara Resort Hotel in midst of glowing rice fields

Tara Resort

The wonderful meditation area in the garden of the La Kaz Chamarel

La Kaz Chamarel

Looking down through the dunes towards Huacachina in Peru

Oasis - Huacachina

A hiker on Tajatoerl, looking down on the Drachensee on a sunny day.

Tajatörl Hiker

A hiker in the vulcanic landscape of Tongariro National Park


Ta Prohm Temple in Angkor

Ta Phrom

Real Estate Photography

Besides Landscape and Travel Photography I can also provide you with high quality real estate photography. If, for example, you need photos of your hotel's exterior and interior, I can create such photos for you.

As an example I show you a couple of photos I took for the L'Alyana Resort in Vietnam.

The exterior of the L'Alyana Beach Front Villa

L'Alyana Beach Front Villa

Interior of L'Alyana Beach Front Villa

L'Alyana Beach Front Villa Interior

Breakfast at L'Alyana

Breakfast at L'Alyana

L'Alyana Lagoon Villa

L'Alyana Lagoon Villa

Interior of L'Alyana Lagoon Villa

L'Alyana Lagoon Villa Interior

Interior of L'Alyana Lagoon Villa

L'Alyana Lagoon Villa bed room

Videography and Youtube

Besides photography I'm also running a growing Youtube Channel where I share my photography and travel videos. An example is the video I did about the Patatran Village hotel on La Digue during my visit to the Seychelles.

As with my photography the sharing of such videos creates additional interest for those places.


On my Blog I write about my travels and the places I visit. An example is my first article about our time in New Zealand back in 2017. Those articles complete the package I'm offering. People who read them can find links directly leading to your hotel or tour page.

I can also offer placing a large banner link at the bottom of the article as you can see with the banner in the example article.

Get in Contact

If this is interesting for you, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the details and what you can offer as part of the collaboration.

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