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In-depth photo editing tutorials in which I show all the techniques I use for editing my landscape, architecture, and night photos.

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Do you want your photos to look awesome on the web and when printed large? Then this tutorial bundle is right for you. The contained tutorials hold all the photo editing knowledge I acquired over more than ten years of photography and editing.

The techniques I show include things I learned over the years as well as unique ways of editing, which I developed through experimenting and a lot of practice.

Why buy this Bundle?

Quality over quantity – that’s my philosophy for processing my images. And that’s also what you get if you buy my tutorials.

My tutorials don’t only scratch the surface. I go into the details of how I process my photos and show every step from start to finish. I don’t only explain the how but also the why.

The techniques and workflows you’ll learn in nearly 10 hours of tutorial content are state-of-the-art techniques of the highest processing standard. Just recently, I added a new tutorial in which I show my latest workflow with Lightroom masks.

If you are still unsure, check out the photos on my homepage. If you like them and want to learn how to achieve such results, the tutorials are for you. I also encourage you to check my free tutorials and get a solid foundation.

Tutorial Content

This bundle contains all my in-depth post-processing tutorials, which you find here, and additional tutorials on specific topics not sold separately. The combined value of all contained tutorials is more than 100 euros.

  • Photo Editing for Architecture Photos – Full start to finish tutorial with more than 80 minutes of video where I show my latest editing techniques for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop 2021
  • Photo Editing for Star Trail Photos – Full start to finish tutorial with 100 minutes of video about processing Star Trail photos
  • Photo Editing for Night Photos – Full start to finish tutorial with nearly 2 hours of video showing how I process night photos, including image averaging and time blending
  • Photo Editing for Panorama Photos – Full start to finish tutorial with 2,5 hours of video showing how I process panorama photos, showing my workflow in Hugin for a very tricky stitch
  • Dreamy Photos – Techniques I use to create a dreamy look in some of my photos
  • Moody Photos – Techniques to create dark and moody photos as well as some special technique for adding fog to a scene
  • Post Processing Recipes – Seven unique ways to further improve landscape and cityscape photos


The Photo Editing Mega Bundle targets both intermediate and advanced photographers. You should already know your way around layers, masks, filters, and tools in Photoshop. If not, I recommend watching my free tutorials first. Those lay the foundation for the contents I teach.

I use Adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS6 in most of the tutorials. Photoshop CS5 or later is generally sufficient to apply the shown techniques.

Only for the latest addition, the Photo Editing for Architecture Photos, the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom are required. I also use filters of the Nik Collection, which is available for free using the provided link.

You find links to other tools and plugins I use at the bottom of this page and on the pages dedicated to the included tutorials.