Tutorials - Start2Finish Video Tutorial

This Start to Finish tutorial video is the first one in my set of very detailed post processing tutorials. It covers all the steps I undertook to create the photo Bloody Causeway and can be seen as a good introduction to working with Luminosity Masks.

Dramatic sunset over the Giants Causeway

Tutorial Content

The tutorial consists of 11 videos describing different parts of my workflow in chronological order. First you will learn how I captured the raw photos. This includes use of Filters and Focus stacking. I also show my workflow for importing and organizing the raw and master files followed by my preprocessing.

Next are videos about blending and stacking, about my work on details and contrast and about color corrections.

Finally I show you how I prepare a final print file, which serves as source for various output formats, and how I sharpen for web and for print.

If you are interested what others think about the tutorial you might want to read Olaf Bathkes thoughts about the tutorial here. Olaf is a very experienced landscape photographer who knows his trade.

Some of you might wonder, if the techniques I show in this tutorial are still up to date, since the tutorial was recorded in 2013. While my processing style and workflow have evolved as you can see in my new Start2Finish Tutorial, this tutorial will still have its relevance for people starting out with Luminosity Masks. My other tutorials require you to be aquainted with many of the techniques, I explain in this tutorial.


This Tutorial is intended for the intermediate Photoshop user. To follow along you should be familiar with adjustment layers, masks and basic filters in Photoshop. I use Lightroom 4 for the preprocessing. If you don't have Adobe Lightroom and only use Camera Raw that should be ok. Many of the settings are the exact same in both programs and the most part of the tutorial I'll be using Photoshop.

Buying the Tutorial

The complete tutorial is roughly 2,5 hours long and can be purchased for 15 USD. This is a link to an automatic delivery system I've set up to make the purchase more comfortable for you. After you pay, you'll get a temporary download link to the tutorial.

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