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Blog - Photo Editing Workflow

In the past I have already shared many of my post processing techniques on Youtube. Things like Exposure Blending, Advanced Masking or Dodge and Burn were already the topic of my video tutorials. But I haven’t shared my complete workflow on Youtube yet.

Well, today I have two videos for you, which contain my 10 step post processing workflow. While I don’t go into the details of the editing techniques, this workflow together with the other videos on my Youtube channel should give you a good overview of how I process my photos.

The interior of the L'Alyana Lagoon Villa

The first video is focused on the preparation steps, which always come before the creative part and which lay the foundation for a high quality post processing result. I normally take and process my photos in order to have them printed large and I have tuned my workflow to allow this.

In the second part I then show the creative photo editing. This is where I work on contrast and colors and also do the sharpening.

As I mention a couple of times in the videos above, if you are interested to see a complete start to finish post processing tutorial, you can head over to my tutorials page where I have a lot of content containing every little detail of my post processing.


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