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Blog - Too much Photo Editing?

Today I recorded a new Youtube video, in which I show you the before and after for 10 of my photo edits. With this video I want to create some transparency about how much processing I do to my photos.

I show you the original RAW files as they come out of the camera vs. the final images after editing them in Lightroom and Photoshop. This way you can judge for yourself, if you can trust what you see in the galleries on this homepage. Because nowadays we are often misled by the photos we see on the internet and the last thing I want is to mislead someone who looks at my photos.

Sunrise at Praia da Marinha

I’m also well aware that the editing I do goes beyond just creating an exact representation of what I saw when capturing those photos. It’s more of an attempt to present you with an image that captures the whole atmosphere as I perceived it with all of my senses. I want invoke some of the feelings that I had standing there in you as the viewer. Often those feelings include awe and wonder. I’m not sure, if my photos are able to invoke that – but I’m trying.

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