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Blog - 4K Wallpaper Pack – Metropolis

This is my first 4k wallpaper pack designed for PC and Mac. You can also use it on an iPad or other mobile devices. It is inspired by 10 major cities, which I visited over the past years. Each wallpaper is a collage of three photos I’ve taken during my visits to those cities.

The cities that are shown on these 4k wallpapers are Valletta, Rome, Prague, London, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Chicago, Budapest, Auckland and as a bonus the historic city of Angkor. All wallpapers were created to allow great viewer experience on 4k devices. But don’t worry, they will also look good on smaller screens, for example full-hd.

Follow this link to get the 4k wallpaper pack for just one Euro. You’ll be taken over to my WooCommerce shop. This is where I will soon also start selling Fineart Prints.

Below you find a preview of all the wallpapers that are included in the ZIP file you can download from the provided link. On Windows 10, just extract the ZIP file to any folder of your choice. You can then right-click on the desktop, click personalize, click on background and then either select an individual wallpaper from the pack or select slideshow and choose the folder with the 4k wallpapers.

That’s all there is to it. Now enjoy the photos and if you ever fancy some of those for the real walls in your home, you’ll find many of the photos contained in this wallpaper pack available on my shop at Redbubble. Or you can just contact me for further information about prints.

Wallpaper Pack Preview

4k Wallpaper Preview Valletta 4k Wallpaper Preview Rome 4k Wallpaper Preview Prague 4k Wallpaper Preview London 4k Wallpaper Preview Hong Kong 4k Wallpaper Preview Hanoi 4k Wallpaper Preview Chicago 4k Wallpaper Preview Budapest 4k Wallpaper Preview Auckland 4k Wallpaper Preview Angkor
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