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Services - Brand Collaboration

Below you will find an overview and examples, of what kind of services I can provide to photography, adventure or travel brands.

For many years I've now taken photos all around the world to build my high quality portfolio. And in the last years I have extended on this by including videography into my skill set. I also regularly work with brands and magazines and provide them with photos or test equipment for them.

Product Photos for Brands

I can provide you with high quality photos, which showcase your product. What I can offer are photos taken in the field, showing how your product is used. Depending on your brand those photos can be more or less adventurous and can emphasise certain features of your product.

Here I have some example photos, which I took for an article that was published in the DigitalPhoto magazine about the new Manfrotto Befree tripod.

Folded Manfrotto Tripod Photographer holding folded Manfrotto Tripod Detail of Manfrotto Tripod legs Photographer photographing a waterfall using a Manfrotto Tripod Photographer adjusting Tripod head

Testing and Reviewing Equipment

In more than 10 years as a Landscape Photographer and an even longer time of traveling and being in the outdoors I have gone through a lot of equipment. I've used several cameras, lenses, camera bags, normal backpacks, hiking and travel gear and many more accessories.

By this extended use I've aquired a very good understanding about what works and where the weak points of a lot of gear are.

If you are developing a new product or simply need feedback to improve an existing product, I would love to give it a test for you. For gear that works for me I can also publish a review video on my Youtube channel, which has more than 10000 followers.

Examples are the video I did about the Kase K8 kit or the NYA-EVO Fjord 60-C camera backpack.


On my Blog I write about equipment I use for photography or on my travels. An example is an article I wrote about the image quality of the Canon EOS R5. Those articles complete the package I'm offering. People who read them can find links directly leading to your homepage.

I can also offer placing a large banner link at the bottom of the article as you can see with the Equipment banner in the example articles.

Get in Contact

If this is interesting for you, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the details and what you can offer as part of the collaboration.