Michael Breitung Photography


Services - Image Licensing


Any commercial use of the images and content presented on this homepage requires a license. You can contact us to inquire about usage terms and licensing.

If you want to request a license, provide information about the concrete use case.

We also have a selection of photos available exclusively through Gallery Stock and Huber Images.


If you want to buy a print license for one of the photos presented on this homepage, contact us and name the image you are interested in and the desired print size. With such a license you can then create a single print of the delivered photo at a lab of your choice.


Using the photos on this homepage as a background on one of your personal devices does not require written consent. For this use case, I have even made a 4k Wallpaper pack available.

Using my photos on your homepage, even if it's a personal homepage, requires written consent though. If you want to use my images in such a way, contact me about usage terms.

Social Media

You can share my images on social media if you credit me as the author of the work on the first line of the post.

  • On Instagram: Photo by Michael Breitung | @mibreitphoto
  • On any other social media: Photo by Michael Breitung | https://www.mibreit-photo.com

Also, note that my photos must not be included in posts that include political or controversial topics.