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The Milky Way glows over the Erg Chigaga in Morocco.

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Once night falls in the expansive Erg Chigaga desert of Morocco, a breathtaking celestial display can be witnessed. Far from the glow of city lights, the desert sky unveils its brilliance, revealing a panorama of stars stretching into infinity.

The glittering constellations seem to dance among the dunes, creating a sense of wonder and reminding us of the vastness of the universe. Lying on the sand, gazing up at the sky, one becomes a witness to the cosmic symphony above.

I visited the Erg several times, staying in berber camps beneath the dunes. It allowed me to photograph the stars without getting lost in the endless sea of sand. The photo Desert Nights was taken during my first visit on a beautiful calm winter morning. It’s my attempt to capture some of the desert’s magic.

You can find some behind the scenes in the video below. There, I also explain, how the photo for this fineart print was taken and edited.