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Warm morning light illuminates the entrance archway to Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest.

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Perched high on the hills near Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion offers spectacular panoramic views of Budapest. Visitors can see iconic landmarks such as the Hungarian Parliament and the Chain Bridge from its ornate turrets.

The intricate stonework and neo-Gothic terrace of the Bastion resemble a medieval castle, while the adjacent Matthias Church add to its allure.

The terrace cafes and restaurants at the Bastion provide opportunities to savor Hungarian cuisine while reveling in the surrounding beauty. All in all, it’s a very popular spot in Budapest you should not miss during a trip to Budapest.

It is also the reason why it can get very crowded, especially during the day. The best time to visit is early in the morning. I ventured up there several times during my visit to Budapest to capture the photo for this photographic print. I enjoyed the calm around sunrise and experienced the Bastion’s architecture in the golden morning light.

If you want to look over my shoulder taking this photo, then watch the video below.