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The misty rain forest near Cerro Kennedy in Colombia.

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Beneath Cerro Kennedy, close to Santa Marta in Colombia, lies a hidden gem shrouded in mystique – the misty cloud forest. This ethereal wonderland is a testament to nature’s artistry, where rolling hills and dense foliage embrace swirling mists, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

As you venture into the misty cloud forest, you are surrounded by humidity, verdant trees, and lush vegetation. The mist that regularly envelops the cloud forest adds an element of mystery and magic. The soft murmur of streams and the calls of elusive bird species enhance the ethereal experience, drawing you further into this enchanting sanctuary.

During my visit to the region, I did numerous hikes to find the best way to capture this beautiful forest for my fineart print. One afternoon, on my way back down to the valley, thick mist drifted through the trees. I had finally found my photo.